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Meet the Winemaker


Bryan Currie, the accomplished chief winemaker at Hungerford Hill, is celebrated for his dedication to crafting award-winning wines. With nominations for prestigious awards like 'Winemaker of the Year' by Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine in 2012 and his selection as a 'Future Leader' in 2009, Bryan's expertise shines through. His distinction as a scholar at the renowned Len Evans Tutorial in 2007 is a testament to his skill. Championing wines from New South Wales, Bryan has amassed numerous medals and trophies for the wines he crafts, further cementing his legacy in the industry. Passionate and innovative, Bryan's creations captivate wine enthusiasts worldwide.

The History
The history is long and complex, but it's most recent chapter began in December 2016 when Sam Arnaout purchased the winery. He had visions of a greater focus on Hunter Valley wines, so he also acquired the renowned Sweetwater and Dalwood vineyards. With an award-winning cellar door, restaurant and range of wines, Sweetwater is now in the enviable position of being able to offer an all-encompassing wine and food experience worthy of its name.

Meet the team

Meet the people behind the wines and the boutique estate in the Hunter Valley.

Sam Arnaout


Sabine Duval

Brand & Sales Manager

Kelly Everingham

Financial Controller

Sarah Beilby

Assistant Winemaker

Gavin Russell

Cellar Manager

Tony Webster

Assistant Club Manager

Fred Garside

Wine Club Manager

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Hunter Valley
Located 160km north of Sydney, the Hunter Valley shelters below the spectacular Brokenback Ranges. It’s warm and humid climate is tempered by afternoon sea breezes. The soils vary widely from friable red volcanic soils which produce some of Australia’s most long-lived shiraz wines through to sandy river beds which produce similarly long-lived Semillon wines.