Revelling in Rosé

Revelling in Rosé

The history of wines first labelled as a Rosé is not fully known although the region of Provence claims to have been making this style for 26 centuries. The wines made in those days had a light colour, similar to Rosés, because the maceration (extended skin contact) of juices with grape skins was either unknown or only practiced on a limited basis.

The high number of variations of Rosé makes generalisations difficult but it is essentially a pinkish wine made from red grapes using minimal skin contact in much the same way as a white wine is made. This type of wine is extremely popular in Europe, particularly southern France and Spain where the wines styles are drier and less fruity than those generally made in Australia.

The popularity of Australian Rosé has been growing over recent years as styles have moved more from sweeter to slightly more European. It’s not really surprising as this lovely wine style suits our warmer climate and particularly as it goes so well with a wide range of foods. Rosés are best served slightly chilled and enjoyed soon after release.

Early Bird Hunter Valley Rose 2014

Beautifully bright salmon pink in colour, this lovely Rose is made from our estate grown Shiraz in more of a Provence style than previous vintages. The vibrant aromas of strawberry and rhubarb compliment a palate displaying fine red fruit with a touch of fresh peach and an elegant crisp fresh acid finish. Our Early Bird Rose is released soon after vintage in line with the intention of parading the purity and youth of the fruit.

This is a wine to be enjoyed with a wide variety of foods including… Char grilled octopus, chicken tagine, all types of Charcuterie and also with Manchego cheese.